Quick and Efficient, High Quality Standard Work, Good Value for Money
Quick and Efficient, High Quality Standard Work, Good Value for Money





Maintenance and Repairs Services for Private Landlords and Homeowners- Prices for each particular job varies as do different trades labour per hour rate, we are happy to provide quotes for any job in advance of the work for your approval or in urgent cases i.e leaks we can let you know the price when on site if possible, in cases such a minor repair works we will advise if it is cheaper for you as the customer for us to resolve in one visit, i,e if the job is a lock or hinge adjustment or something that can be done simply while on site-so that contractor doesnt have to make two visits one to quote and one to make repairs which saves time, we will advise it will be cheaper to carry out the work while he is on site, we can advise you of the price or agree a preset maximum budget to work to in advance, therefore saving with the need for a quote, some jobs such as Landlord's Gas Safety inspections do have set prices so please ask when you contact us. 

Some Jobs are subject to a Minimum Callout Fee of £63.00


Administration Services (for Contractors) - We tailor our prices depending on your workload so we have an affordable package to suit any contractor regardless of the

size of your business, we negotiate a fixed price at the beginning of our service and can review it at intervals if you are using more or less of the service than previously anticipated, we can offer per document, per hour, per month and per annum deals and packages.


Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificates and EPC Certificates are additional if required, we can arrange these on your behalf, LLGS’s for Landlord's are currently priced at £114.00 and EPC’s are currently priced at £120.00.

Please enquire for costs of additional services such as Electrical Inspections, Oil Boiler Services or Installation of Carbon Monoxide detectors.


Current Standard Prices are (these are subject to change depending on job location and travel required):

PAT Testing - please enquire for individual prices and special offers.

Gas Boiler Services = £114

Oil Boiler Services (inc Nozzle)= £150

NICEIC Electrical Inspections =£180

Electrical Visual Inspections = £125.00

Energy Performation Certificate = £120.00

Legionella Inspections (inc New Shower Heads and Hoses Supplied and Fitted) =

£180 inc 3x Heads, £150 inc 2x Heads, £120.00 With 1x Head, £90.00 without any.



Payment Details

Payment terms: within 7 Days following completion of any works.

Payments are accepted by Cash, Cheque or Bank Transfer

We also accept payment using Debit Cards, however please note there is a 2% processing charge for doing so. 

Please make cheques payable to Mr Nick Jones

For payment by Bank Transfer please request our account details via email.


Clause:  One-Stop Property Services will not be held liable should any part of the EXISTING installation of the property (including pipework, fittings, fittings, valves, cylinders, electrics, boilers etc..) be found to be sub-standard, leaking or in any way defective – before during or after any quoted works have been carried out.  We will however note the details of any faults and offer to remedy them at an additional cost.

Terms:  On completion any installation will be tested, demonstrated, and left in full leak proof working order.  Full settlement of the invoiced quotation (and any unforeseen expenditure as noted in above clause), will then be due.  All materials used will be subject to manufacturers guarantees etc.  Any defective materials will be dealt with via the relevant manufacturer-who may reserve the right to change the applicable item(s) in their own time and at their own expense.  In such an event One-Stop Property Services will still require full settlement of the invoice supporting the work carried out in the quotation.

Conclusion:   If a quotation is to your liking, and you agree to the above clause & terms, please contact One-Stop Property Services who will then arrange for the work to be carried out.




Q - How quickly can you make a repair?

A - Depend on the contractors availbility and urgency required but all our contractors prioritise our work and offer an efficient service and will get to you as soon as possible.


Q- What jobs do you do and which Trade Services can you supply?

A-Any we have a contractor for most jobs big or small.


Q-Can you provide a quote?



Q-How do I know when you are coming?

A-Our contractors will call you directly to make mutally convenient arrangements.


Q-Do you do Out-of-Hours calls? if so do you charge more?

A-Not normally but some of our contractors supply an out of hours service in case of an emergency, Yes the charges for these times are slightly increased.


Q-I have an urgent repair but I have to work, what should I do?

A-You can supply a set of keys to us at our offices and the contractors will collect them from us for access.


Q-Is giving you keys safe?

A-Yes we keep your keys securely locked away in a safe and all our contractors are trustworthy to enter your home.


Q- Is booking contractor through you quicker than ringing them directly?

A-Yes our contractors will respond quicker to us than to the general public.


Q- Do you achieve cheaper rates from contractors than the general public and why?

A- Yes, due to the amount of works we supply them we are given a special rate.


Q-I have more than one repair that needs doing for example I have a leaking tap, broken kitchen cupboard door and need some decorating to be done, can you help?

A- Yes we have several multi-trade talented contractors.


Q-I have a property in need of complete renovation and I need it done in a short time frame can you help?

A-Yes we do complete refurbishments and/or project management, we can accomodate tight deadlines and have efficient contractors to deal with reasonably short time periods in order to have the property finished and ready. 


Q- Does the invoice come from the contractor or you?

A- All in invoices come from One-Stop Property Services, you are instructing us and we employ the contractor on our behalf.


Q-Are the works guaranteed?

A-Yes the contractors offer guarantees for their works, please ask at the outset and we will confirm what is and isn't included.


Q-Are your Boiler Engineers Gas-Safe?

A-Yes all of our Engineers are Gas-Safe and Oftec qualified for Oil.


Q-Do the contractors have Public Liability Insurance?

A-Yes the contractors are fully insured.


Q-Are the contractors qualified?

A-Yes the contractors are qualified and experienced in the specialist field in which they complete works.


Q-Can you arrange regular contracts for annual, bi-annual or monthly works for example annual Landlords Gas Safety Inspections or monthly gardening works?

A-Yes we can arrange regular contracts for any works requested and the reoccuring dates are recorded by us and the contractor to ensure that the works are completed when they are due, to give you complete piece of mind and you no longer have to remember it.


Q-Is my Data that we provide safe?

A-Yes, we keep all data secure and comply with the Data Protection Act, other than our own contractors for access arrangements, we do not pass on any of your details to any third parties unless authorized by yourselves for your benefit.


Q-When do I have to pay?

A-Within 7 Days of Completion of the work or 5 Working Days following reciept of the invoice whichever is soonest.


Q-Do you charge VAT?

A-We are not currently subject to VAT however some of our prices will include the costs of VAT charged by Sub-Contractors for Labour and on Materials, each trade is different so please ask if you are ensure and we can clarify for you. 


Q-Can you talk us through doing repairs ourself?

A-Yes we can give advice sometimes but not when Gas or Electric is involved..


Q-Can I pay by Card?

A-Yes but there is a 2% charge of the invoice amount, this is charge given to us by the crad machine supplier so unfortunately we have to pass this on to the consumer.


Q-My Question is not listed here?

A-Please call or email us, we are happy to help with any queries.

Contractor Administration

Q-Do you send the quotes and invoices to us or our clients?

A-Whichever best suits your needs?


Q-Do you send the documents by post or by email?

A-Whichever is your preferred method, please note that we will have to charge slightly more for documents send via Royal Mail due to postage charges and cost of printer ink and paper/envelopes.


Q-How do we get the information and prices to you to allow you to write up the quotes and invoices for us?

A-You can give us the information by phone, text, email, dictaphone tape or by visiting our office or passing us your notes.


Q-How often do you bill us for the service?

A-This can be at your preference but usually monthly?


Q-Can we claim the cost of your services back against our tax return?

A-Yes you can add it to your expenditure under administration costs.


Q-How quickly can you process the documents and have them ready?

A-Depends on our current workload but usually the same day or next day.


Q-Do we need to advise you if we are VAT registered?



Q-I only have quotes and invoice to do rarely is this service still suitable?

A-Yes we will tailor our pricing package depending on your needs so that you only pay an appropriate cost for our works and not when you don't need us.


Q-Will the documents be on our headed paper?

A-Yes, we will use your company letterhead if provided to us.


Q-Will the documents include our payment terms and details?

A-Yes if you provide them to us.


Q-What hours are your services available?

A-During office hours, Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm, we can provide the service outside these times if arranged in advance.


Q-I have a question not listed here?

A-Please call us to discuss any query, we are happy to help.



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